Care of the newborn's navel

Care of the newborn's navel – advice for parents

Care of the newborn's navel

A newborn's navel heals faster with proper care. So that there is no infection, the place after cutting the umbilical cord should be ventilated and dried as often as possible. Cutting the umbilical cord and pinching its tip causes, that a kitten is being created. Initially bright, turns black after a few days, it dries up and finally falls off. Its care often causes anxiety among young parents. Needless to say. The umbilical cord stump is not innervated, and all treatments around it certainly do not cause any pain to the baby.

New recommendations

From 2010 year is recommended the so-called. dry care of the umbilical cord stump. The new recommendations are similar to the WHO recommendations in force in developed countries. The changes are based on the results of many scientific studies conducted on a sufficiently large population of newborns.

Dry care of the navel consists in washing the stump with soap and water, when it becomes contaminated with feces or urine, and thoroughly drying it and not covering it with a diaper, to ensure air access. The unpleasant smell of the navel and the presence of mucous discharge around the base of the stump should not be disturbing.


It is best to use sterile gauze swabs or cotton buds for washing the navel. Do not be afraid to lift the stump slightly upwards. This will allow you to clean each fold and nook and cranny around the navel.

Airing and rolling the diaper

Bacteria thrive best in a humid and warm environment, therefore, airing the navel also accelerates its healing. For several days, before the stump falls off, it's also good to try do not soak it while bathing toddler. However, if the stump gets wet, do not be nervous, just dry it gently. Healing of the navel usually continues 10-14 days. During this time, it is worth dressing the child turn the edges of the diaper, not to pinch and irritate the navel. You must never tear off a stump yourself. When it's dry enough, it will fall off by itself.

Urgent to see a doctor

If the area is red, there is a purulent discharge or a foul smell from the navel, quick contact with a doctor is necessary. Such symptoms indicate the development of inflammation and require immediate intervention, to prevent infection of the body.