Diet – starting milk, modified for babies

Diet – starting milk, modified for babies

Introducing modified milk

If mom wants to cut back on breastfeeding or give it up, baby must introduce modified milk into the diet.

When a woman returns to work after maternity leave, her baby's staple food is still milk. Woman, which depends, so that the toddler has access to mother's milk, must find a way to express breast milk on a regular basis. The collected milk is then given to the baby by the person caring for the baby. It is not an easy and not always possible solution. That is why many women choose formula milk in this situation.

Mixed feeding

By introducing modified milk to a toddler's diet, however, it is not necessary to completely give up breastfeeding. It is worth following the rule, that while the mother is at home, the toddler is breastfed, and when mom is at work, the toddler receives the milk mixture.

Nie wszystkie niemowlęta od razu chętnie piją z butelki. Try to serve the milk in the bottle every day, especially when they are undertaken by a person replacing mother, in the end they will bring results. There is a chance, that after about two weeks your toddler will get used to the new rhythm and accept the new feeding method.

The advantage of mixed feeding is this, that it enables mother and child to maintain intimate intimacy, from breastfeeding. However, you need to be aware, that some children, which master the art of drinking from the bottle, they can reject the breast and choose an easier way to suck through the nipple.

When I don't want a bottle

When the desire to switch to modified milk in 2. half a year of life is not accepted by the child, when mom is at work, you can give your baby meals other than milk: soup, dessert. Children usually eat porridges too, prepared on the basis of modified milk. The required portion of milk should then be supplemented with breastfeeding, when mom comes home.

Choice of milk

When you decide to feed with formula milk, first of all, you need to talk to the pediatrician, który zna nasze dziecko i pomoże choose the mixture according to the baby's needs.

Good to remember, that the initial modified milk, marked with a number 1, we give the children to graduation 6. month of life.