What can a one-year-old baby eat? Infant nutrition

What can a one-year-old baby eat? Infant nutrition

Shaping the eating habits of a child

From the moment the child begins to learn and remember tastes, his nutritional preferences are shaped. That is why it is worth taking care of it, that the toddler's diet is varied and valuable.

Already expanding the child's diet with the first soups and desserts, it is worth encouraging the toddler to try a variety of flavors. The new flavor will not always be accepted right away. Sometimes a few are needed, and even a dozen or so attempts, so that the child gets used to it. It is true, that children fed monotonously from infancy may be reluctant to try new dishes in the future. And this makes it difficult to balance the diet properly.


A balanced diet is this, which provides the body with the right amount of energy and in the right proportions of basic nutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, eating a limited number of foods makes this task impossible. Both dairy products should be included in a toddler's diet every day, as well as cereal products, vegetables (also legumes), fruit, meat, fishes, eggs and fats.

Healthy habits

The infant diet ends in the second year of life. The child no longer grows as intensively as in the first year of life, needs approx. 100 kcal /kg masy ciała. During the day it should eat 5 meals (except for breakfast, lunch and dinner also lunch and afternoon tea). The diet should contain more and more products that require chewing and chewing. In turn, it is better to exclude foods that are too fatty and fried. At this age, this also influences the formation of eating habits, that the child is effectively starting to decide about it, what will eat, what not.

If we care about it, that the toddler eats the prepared meals, nie można mu podawać między posiłkami słodyczy ani słodkich przekąsek. Meals should be served at fixed times - regularity in the daily schedule strengthens the feeling of security and makes you feel safe, that the child eats more willingly. Avoid feeding your baby in front of the TV or while playing. Meals should have a fixed time and place, preferably at the table with other household members. It is also worth taking care of a nice atmosphere while eating. The best thing to drink is water, avoid excessive amounts of fruit juices, usually liked by children.

When I don't want to try

When the toddler avoids trying new products, they can be added in small amounts to dishes, które dziecko zna i akceptuje. However, you should never force them to eat or punish them for not eating. Period, in which the child learns to accept foods, it can be difficult and requires a lot of creativity from parents. Let's remember, that the habits of adults also have a great influence on the child. The child learns by imitation. So let's take care of it, that eating is a pleasure for everyone.